Innovation Certification Program @Sukau Rainforest Lodge (Sabah, Malaysia)


Associate (Innovation Certification Level 1) certification from Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI). This program is designed to teach you about the use of idea generation tools in breakthrough innovation and to apply them in creating more and better innovative ideas.

To earn your Associate (Innovation Certification Level 1) credential, you need to meet the experience and education requirements, and pass the examination, a 80-question, multiple-choice online test. Test takers will be tested on their understanding of the concepts and frameworks discussed on IMBOK Level 1 Guide as well as practical experience around innovation. Regardless of how advanced your innovation experience or education might be, you should still prepare vigorously for the exam. Successful candidates typically use multiple study aids, including courses, self-study and workshops. On average, successful candidates will spend 20-30 hours or more to prepare, so make sure you leave yourself plenty of preparation time before you take the exam.

Who should apply?

Individuals or practitioners looking to understand what business innovation is and what process and tools of creative thinking are needed to generate and execute new breakthrough ideas for their organization.

You will learn…

  1. Definition of Innovation, Business Innovation and Breakthrough Innovation
  2. Innovation Techniques
  3. Breakthrough Innovation Process

About the Venue

Built in 1995, The Sukau Rainforest Lodge (SRL) is perched on the bank of the Kinabatangan River in Borneo, one of Asia’s most important waterways. SRL was the first lodge in the area designed based on ecotourism principles. As part of National Geographic Unique Lodges of The World, the lodge provides a great wildlife experience to tourists while preserving the Kinabatangan flood-plain. SRL embraces conservation, community development and sustainable tourism as part of its effort in sustaining with green policies.



Oct 29 2019 - Oct 31 2019


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